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Drop the consumption
Coming in April, 2014. Your Store
Your Store - Opening in April at 826 Valencia Street.

Your Store is a community building project disguised as a retail storefront.

Your Store visited the Mission district in San Francisco and chatted with shop-keepers, long time residents, new arrivals and visitors to find out about who and what goes into the fabric of that community. Your Store first opened in October 2013.

This April, Your Store is making a new appearance at 826 Valencia Street. This time, Your Store will have rotating displays highlighting some of the most talked about stories.

Trade O Mat
Drop the Consumption - make a connection
Trade-O-Mat is seeking artists to submit small works to be included in the machine as part of a show Reimagining Progress: Production, Consumption and Alternative Economies, at the David Brower Center in Berkeley CA.
Curious? The Trade-O-Mat promotes community engagement between makers of objects and those who value them.

The Trade-O-Mat is accepting applications from interested artists who want to be a participate. Deadline, March 31, 2014.